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VFF FinTech Forum 2022

Redeem your free attendee NFT!


If you are an attendee of the VFF Fintech Forum 2022, you are eligible to receive a free NFT. Simply provide us your Solana wallet address, and we will airdrop the NFT directly without any additional charges.

Sustainabillity and idea behind the NFT.

Through use of efficient systems, we can work towards a world where resources wastage and our impact on earth is minimal. These NFTs showcase the environmental impact of 10 different cities, in an effort to bring awareness towards the importance of making sustainable cities.


Why NFT?

Non Fungible Tokens are taking the world by storm. NFTs provide a wide range of utility cases for the real world and the digital. One of the most popular use cases of NFTs, are collectibles. Similar to how trading cards, stamps or coins work,  NFTs have their own individual identity on the blockchain, which makes them perfect digital collectibles.

How to Redeem Your NFT?

You can redeem your NFT in a few easy steps. Checkout our guide here.

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We hope this NFT will serve as a memorabilia that highlights the importance of creating sustainable systems. The idea behind the NFT is to bring awareness towards the carbon footprint of our cities. 

VFF Fintech Forum NFT
VFF Fintech Forum NFT
VFF Fintech Forum NFT


How do I redeem my NFT?

All attendees of the VFF FINTECH FORUM 2022 are able to redeem your NFT in a few easy steps.

What is an NFT?

NFT, stands for Non Fungible Tokens. But in simpler terms, it’s a digital deed that confirms ownership. This cannot be forged or altered by a third party. Therefore an NFT is a deed that confirms the ownership of a digital work.

What wallet should I use?

You can use any Solana based Wallet. We recommend Phantom wallet. If you do not have a wallet, find out how to create one in "Redeem NFT Section"

What if I don't have a Wallet

We have a step by step guide that will help you create your NFT wallet and retrieve the Public Address.

What is the blockchain used?

We are using the popular carbon neutral Solana blockchain to create these NFTs. Ethereum and Solana are the most popular blockchains for NFT given it's low transaction fees and sustainability.

Can I sell my NFT?

Yes. Your NFT is an asset controlled and owned by you. You can buy/sell these NFTs or list them on an NFT marketplace. Click "Learn NFT" for more information.


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